Rethinking My Degree

I was a  decent student when I was in school. I didn’t try too hard, but I always got good grades. I decided to go to a private university after high school. I took extra classes and tested out of the some general ed courses and was able to graduate in 3 years with a degree in Psychology. After months of looking for a job, I was hired at a nonprofit foundation that I had volunteered with during my last semester of school. I was part-time for a few months before they were able to pay for a full-time position. I had been there for almost 4 years before we moved out of the area and I quit my job.

I was excited to not be working; I could do crafts, work on my Etsy shop, read, blog, and maybe take some classes. Unfortunately, I soon started to feel guilty about not working and wanted to put more money into savings for a down payment on a house and a trip to Europe.

Looking for a job in a small town can be difficult. It seems like I am either over-qualified or not qualified as all. I have plenty of experience doing office work, but because I have a degree I can’t be a secretary. You know what they say: a Bachelors of Arts is an expensive piece of paper. And pretty useless.

Makes me think I should have gone into the computer field or accounting.


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