For Some, Growing Your Own Vegetables is Illegal

There are some days I read the news and I just feel incredibly disgusted, confused, and terrified. It scares me when I hear about people who are persecuted by the government for doing something natural and non-harmful, like refusing dangerous medications or growing vegetables (among others).

Today’s head shake comes from Michigan and the city’s action against a woman who has grown vegetables in her front yard. Apparently you can fill your yard with cement, but vegetables are a no-no. Kevin Rulkowski, the city planner from Oak Park, Michigan feels passionately that vegetables are not suitable to grown in front of your house.

Sign the petition and speak out against the officials wanting to persecute Julie Bass for growing vegetables in her front yard.

You can also visit her blog, Oak Park Hates Veggies.

I understand that there are some communities that are very particular with how your lawn and houses should look. You can’t paint your door a different color, the trim must match, your lawn must be mowed, etc. It just seems so counter-productive to put so much work and effort to criminalize growing a kitchen garden. Shouldn’t we be promoting this? Shouldn’t we teach our children the value of the land and eating from it? I would think a vegetable garden that could provide teaching opportunities about gardening, earth, and health would be more beneficial then making sure a yard fits the cookie-cutter mold.

Kevin Rulkowski, the city planner from Oak Park, cited vegetables are not considered suitable for your front yard. What if you had a plant or two in your flower bed – would it still not be suitable? At what point would it be suitable? Would vegetables never be suitable, regardless if they take up the whole lawn or just a corner of it? I understand (regardless of whether I think it’s right or not) that some communities would like their homeowners to maintain a nice lawn and take care of their yards, but how is concrete and rocks more suitable than vegetables?

What do you think?


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