Brunch in Berkeley

Marc and I like going on day trips. We like food and new places, so exploring the areas around our home is a great way to experience both. We are lucky enough to live in California and be a couple of hours or less away from the mountains, foothills, coast, or wine country. Our last day trip was up to gold country, this trip we decided to have lunch in Berkeley.

Even though we have been to San Francisco too many times to count, Marc had never been to Berkeley and I had been there once; to eat dinner with a friend. Oh, and we explored UC Berkeley for school but had little memory of the trip.

With little planning, we drove up to the coast and parked ourselves at downtown. The day was beautiful and the weather was perfect, but it was Sunday and a lot of the restaurants were either closed, or about to close. After visiting the used bookstore we stopped off at Venus to enjoy a local beer and decide what to do for lunch.

Enjoying a beer on the patio

Venus has a lovely patio. The pizza looked delicious as well, but since I was already drinking a beer, I wanted to stay away from bread-based meals. They had a great local beer selection too, which Marc really enjoyed.

Being Sunday afternoon we either had the option to eat Indian, Greek, or Brunch. We have plenty of Greek and Indian food where we live, so I reluctantly chose brunch (not a huge breakfast fan). We headed down the street to La Note. It was almost 2pm and the place was full! Luckily our wait wasn’t too long and we were seated outside on the patio.

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and order our waitress’ recommendation – Cote Norde. The dish involved these amazing scrambled eggs with goat cheese that just melted in my mouth. The tomatoes were even more amazing; cooked with garlic and other magic. The eggs, goat cheese, and tomatoes together were perfect together. The dish is on my list of meals I need to replicate! I can only guess that the eggs were scrambled with cream? They were so incredibly creamy. When I make scrambled eggs I cook them extremely well. I was surprised how much I enjoyed these eggs.

Yummy brunch

We then went over to the ocean and walked the sea bridge – a pier type path our into the ocean with plenty of people fishing. After watching the sailboats and waves we decided to come on home. Overall, a perfect day! Maybe next time we will come up on a Saturday and do some shopping and find another delicious restaurant.

San Francisco in the distance

Walking out into the ocean

How I got a sunburn with a necklace imprint

It seems like the food, shops, and tourist areas were the streets of College and University. There’s also a huge resort and spa – The Claremont that might be nice to stay at. Next time we may also take advantage of the forest and hiking trails around the area.


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