DIY sewing machine pin cushion

I’m one of those people who have straight pins everywhere. It’s a bad habit, I know, but it’s limited to the craft room. Enter at your own risk! When I am sewing something I remove the pins and they pile up next to my machine then get pushed onto the floor.

While I was on Pinterest the other day(a fun site compiled of things you want and will never have, crafts and DIY projects, food porn, and art) and I saw a project for a sewing machine pin cushion. Genius! I don’t know where it came from, but it was easy enough for me not to need instructions.

Here is how you make a pincushion for your sewing machine. This tutorial also can be used to make pillows!

Fabric, about 2x the size of what you want your cushion to be
A sewing machine, all threaded and ready to go
Fiber fill or some other filling
Straight pins
Velcro (the self sticking kind. For this project I don’t find it necessary to sew the velcro)

Step 1: Cut a square or rectangle 2x the size of what you want your cushion to be.

Step 2: Fold it in half, inside out from what you want your cushion to look like (right sides together)

Step 3: Sew along the edges, leaving a space big enough for you to stuff – see below

Step 4: Turn square right side out and fill to desired thickness

Step 5: Tuck raw edges of opening in, and pin closed

Step 6: Sew cushion shut, as close to the edge as possible

Step 7: Place velcro on cushion and aligned on the sewing machine

Place on sewing machine and you are ready to go! Remove from sewing machine if you are traveling or you want to use the pin cushion while you are doing a project!

Note: I think I did mine a little too big. Next time I would make it a bit smaller.


2 thoughts on “DIY sewing machine pin cushion

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