How to add ruffles and a bib to a shirt

Yesterday I posted a brief tutorial on how to make a fitted shirt from an over-sized one. This tutorial will demonstrate how refashion the shirt by making a ruffle bib front. You can make ruffles and a bib from any material; scraps from a large shirt, or scraps from a second shirt.

Supplies and Equipment:

  • Shirt or shirt scraps
  • sewing machine
  • Matching threads
  • Fabric scissors


Step 1: if using your scraps from a t-shirt, use the hem of the shirt to make your ruffle – if in two pieces, sew them together. If using another piece of fabric, fold in half a rectangle so that there is only one raw edge, or hem one side of the fabric.

Step 2: Prepare your machine to baste: (change your stitch length to 4).

Step 3: sew a straight down the strip of fabric.

Your stitching should be where you want the width of your ruffle

Step 4: Seperate the top thread from the bottom thread.

Step 5: Carefully pull one thread and work your fabric up, repeating the process as necessary until you have your desired ruffle

Step 6: Place ruffle around on your shirt and center.

Step 7 – in the mean time, prepare the flat part of the bib. You can do this by either cutting a rectangle and ironing the edges in, or sewing a rectangle on 3 sides and turning it right-side out. (similar to making a pillow or cushion)

Step 8 – Pin rectangle onto ruffle and shirt

Step 9 – Sew closely along the edges of the rectangle, tucking in the raw edges of the rectangle and the ruffle.

Step 10 – Add buttons and bows and you are done! You can learn how to make a bow HERE.

Refashioned shirt with ruffle bib complete!

Here is my finished product:


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