Quick and easy retro hairstyle

The internet can be a wonderful thing. Whenever you want to learn how to do something all you have to do is open up your computer and type in your search. One day I was browsing rockabilly and vintage hairstyles on YouTube and came across a great tutorial for how to do faux victory rolls. This hairstyle is often my go-to do and works great for next-day hair. Unfortunately, I went to look for it and I can not find it! I couldn’t find anything like it on YouTube, so perhaps it doesn’t exist, or I am just not looking for it correctly.

I know it’s not as fantastic as a video, but here is how to do a fake victory-roll inspired hair-do via pictures and instructions: (please forgive the awkward photos and facial expressions)

Part hair on the side. Optional: Curl hair

On the smaller side, gather section of hair from part to ear.

Brush back, spray with hair spray, and twist towards center of your head

Push twist towards face and pin

Section other side: brush up, and spray generously with hairspray

Pull back towards the crown of your head, to the side, and twist inwards

Lay twist down and push twist towards face. The section should lift up in front. Spray and comb up.

You may have to brush and spray a couple of times to get the desired "poof"

Pin a flower or two behind your ear

Put some red lipstick on, a rockin outfit and your are all done!

Other options:

  • After pinning sections, brush hair back into a ponytail. A low, side ponytail works great.
  • Braid ponytail, or make pig tails.
  • Forgo the hair flower and tie ponytail or pigtails with ribbon

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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