Shirt refashion number 2: More ruffles and buttons

I enjoyed my first shirt refashion from a way-too-big shirt and deemed the girly ruffly bib a success, so I wanted to do another shirt refashion.

I used the same sizing technique I used HERE. But instead of shortening the sleeves at the end and re-hemming, I shortened the sleeves from where they are sewn to the shirt, that way I didn’t have to hem them!

Details of the refashioned shirt

What did I do, and how can you make one too?

After I had my complete shirt I did the following:

  • Cut the collar off the shirt and a little bit extra on the front side (the collar was too high to add ruffles to it)
  • made ruffles as shown HERE from scrap fabric
  • Took a scrap of old hem, and made a strip of fabric with only raw edges at the end
  • Sewed buttons on the strip of fabric
  • Starting with the top ruffle, I sewed it onto the shirt over the original ruffle stitches
  • I then placed the following ruffles underneath the top ruffle and sewed them on to the shirt
  • I pinned and sewed button strip over ruffles
  • Stitched evenly all the away around the raw-edged collar to prevent stretching (as shown in picture)

Marc wasn't home to take a picture of me...

Want a tutorial and to know where I got the inspiration? Hop over to Busily Spinning Momma! She wanted to replicate the shirt from Anthropologie and included step by step picture instructions. The adorable Mommy By Day Crafter By Night replicated the shirt as well and made one with a few cute changes.


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