Whole Foods, Primal, Paleo, WAPF – which lifestyle?

Around January or February I was told by someone specializing in fertility that I should cut out all processed grains since they are processed by high heat and are toxic to the body and to avoid white flour and sugar because there is no health benefit to consume them. On top of eliminating white flour, sugar, and processed grains, I was encouraged to add more eggs and cod liver oil in my diet, consume only whole dairy products and eat whole foods.

For several months now, we have been on a whole foods diet and I feel a lot better. Currently my ideal diet is free of processed grains, processed dairy, and processed food in general. I also prefer to cook with almond flour over any other grain flour. However, there have been plenty of cheat days and some weeks are better than others. My husband is slowly losing weight, but it seems like he is having quite a bit of stomach pains and various ailments.

We are becoming more and more interested in the Primal diet and lifestyle and we are considering taking the jump by starting off with The Whole30. The Whole30 is a strict, no cheating, dairy-free, grain-free, legume-free diet designed to allow the body to heal from inflammatory foods. Once you are done cleaning out your body from inflammatory foods, you can gradually add in some dairy. I don’t think I am anti-dairy, but it would be good to know if either my husband or I might be intolerant or sensitive to it; if not, we can gradually add in butter and raw milk and yogurt and see how it goes.

I’ve been following more of the Weston A Price diet – Sprouted grains and soaked legumes, animals and animal fats, vegetables and fruits, with an encouraged emphasis on fermented foods (which I’ve only been consuming kombucha…), but I am starting to cut all grains out of my diet. I feel better without grains – lighter, less bloated, happier.

I’ve looked into Paleo vs Primal and Primal seems the way to go. Paleo suggests lean meats and limiting egg consumptions – which doesn’t make sense to me since you are already limiting so many foods and cavemen definitely ate dark meat! There are different leaders of the Paleo movement that aren’t as strict, but from what I have read, Primal is a bit more gentle; allowing any meat, and some sweet potatoes and tubers. Primal also allows more non-processed dairy and includes more advice on exercise and lifestyle. Mark Sisson, one of the leaders of the Primal Movement has an interesting blog post on Paleo vs Primal. And if you are a WAPF fan, they gave Sisson’s book, The Primal Blueprint, a thumbs up and many of the Paleo books thumbs down.

Saturday we are throwing a big party and my husband is a big fan of good beer, and we are all fan of cupcakes, so that will be our last hurrah as we start the Whole30 challenge come Monday. Hopefully I will be able to kick my sugar-cravings without hurting anyone! In order to not cheat AT ALL, we will definitely need to keep our kitchen stocked and snacks prepared. I will keep you updated on my progress!

What is your opinion on these lifestyles/diets?






2 thoughts on “Whole Foods, Primal, Paleo, WAPF – which lifestyle?

  1. Great post title — I’ve asked myself the same question many times. I’ve done some reading on all the different diets/lifestyles, and they all cite scientific studies showing that it’s better to eat a particular way. As a complete layperson, who do I believe? I’ve more or less settled into striving to follow WAPF guidelines because for me it seems to be the most sustainable over a lifetime. That said, I’m also struggling with infertility issues, and I’ve recently cut back on grains just to see what would happen. I keep hearing that women following the paleo lifestyle are incredibly fertile. Best of luck in your journey to find what works for you!

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