Lots and Lots of Felt Flowers!

Felt flowers are everywhere; these cute flora can be used for brooches, hair bands, home decor and more! Not only are there a ton of different things to use felt flowers for, there are a ton of different felt flowers as well.

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite felt flowers and tutorials. Stay tuned for Christmas Gift Ideas using these rad rosettes!

Click "more" to view many more felt flowers and how to make them!

1. Wrap Flowers:

From Pinterest.com via Fromwillyoutoido.com

With this tutorial and just a few changes (like not cutting “petals” you can make the following:

1. Button wrap flowers from Baby Carrot Designs 2. Different Wrap rosettes (with tutorials) from Little Things Bright Smiles 3. Multi-colored purple wrap flowers from Itz Fitz on Etsy

2. Fold Flowers:

Pictures and tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat

More fold flowers and tutorials:

1. Pom Poms from Cake Events Blog 2. Flower Pin by Jones Design Company 3. Purple Fold Flower from iCandy Handmade

3. Petal/Layer Flowers – These flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Felt is cut in petals or flower shape and then layered for desired effect. There is lots of inspiration out there!

1. Pink Flower Headband by Ashley Ann Photography 2. Teal Felt Flower from LollyChops 3. Flower Garland by Big Brown House 4. White Flower Embellishment from The DIY Dish 5. Colorful Layer Flower from Whip Up 6. Camelias by How Joyful

4. Dahlias (a mix between petal and fold flowers. More work, but very pretty)

Felt Dahlia Brooch Tutorial by Holidash

Click on the picture of the above link for full instructions

Color Variations:

1. Colored dahlias from Heart Felt Yarn Wreaths on Etsy 2. Multi-colored dahlia from My So Called Green Life 3. Purple Dahlia from Lines Across My Face


What are your favorites?


3 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Felt Flowers!

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