Count Down to Christmas!


I hope everyone’s December is going well!

My December is already in full force and undoubtedly, it will get even busier when my weekends are filled with baking and cooking for the holidays and visiting friends and family.

Luckily I have managed to finish almost all my Christmas shopping and present wrapping. Now I just need to bake, take pictures and send out cards, and go to those holiday gatherings! Oh, and I need to make another yarn wreath too…. must remember that one!

Only about 2 weeks left if you want to order presents online too – so as far as I am concerned, presents need to be bought and at least mostly wrapped by the 20th!

For the next two weeks and on to Christmas,  I am planning posts on gift ideas, holiday recipes, winter crafts, and Christmas party ideas. We may even have some giveaways!


Hope you will join me!




One thought on “Count Down to Christmas!

  1. I’m usually done by Halloween, wrapped and mailed by Black Friday, by picking things up at sales all year and on vacation that make me think of people on my list. I’m not broke in December, and can afford buying people the “hot” gifts (usually online, using free shipping), or a TV or camera for myself while it’s on sale. I don’t spend time in line at the post office or in crowded malls and I never feel that last minute pressure to buy someone a crappy pair of slippers just because I have to get them SOMETHING! People get thoughtful, personal gifts from me, I always have things on hand for last-minute birthday gifts, and I get to spend my time doing fun things like baking, decorating and spending time with people, which is really what the Holidays are all about.

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