17 Days Until Christmas: Glass Ornament Crafts

Plain glass ornaments can be found at Hell-mart Wal-mart or other craft supply stores. They are generally pretty cheap for a pack of 6 and can be decorated in lots of different fun ways for almost all ages!

You don't have to be an artist to paint glass ornaments

Ways to craft with glass ornaments:

Paint them – Use glass paint if you are feeling fancy, or just plain acrylic paints, or even glitter puff paint

  • You can find instructions for these cute snowman HERE at Craft Town

Fill them with paint or glitter-this is an easy and fun way to make unique ornaments!

Or how to make these sparkly bobbles from Just Like Mom Crafts

Fill them with more pretty things – make snowglobe-like ornaments by putting fake snow and other objects inside

1. Glitter tree and snow ornament instructions from Art Glitter Blog

2. Filled Ornaments from Country Living

3 and 4. Ornaments from Save On Crafts

Or, like the snowmen above, mix it up! Glue things on and paint, or, like these snowflake ornaments from Crafts for All Seasons, glue on some confetti and fill with fake snow!

What will you do with your glass ornaments?


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