10 Days Until Christmas: Festive Centerpieces

TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Holy Moly. My list of things to do seems longer now than it did a week ago!

Our Christmas decorations have been up for a couple of weeks now, but I’m still missing a centerpiece for the table (I’m also hosting Christmas Breakfast at my house). Here are some easy centerpieces that still look elegant and festive.

Supplies you may need:

    • Jars
    • Vases of varying sizes
    • Candles
    • Ornaments
    • Cranberries
    • Flowers
    • Pine cones
    • Pine branches/sprigs
    • Ribbon (anyone else LOVE ribbon?)


I really love the look and simplicity of using ornaments for your centerpieces. Plus, ornaments are very versatile because it is easy to find different colors and shapes to accent your holiday home. Below are a few ideas. You can use all different vases, dishes, or large jars; pair with fruit, tinsel, or other accents; even place a candle(s) in the center of a platter of ornaments.

Ornament in fish bowls from Best Buy Brands, Purple and Pearl centerpieces from All Free Crafts, Bell Jar Ornaments from HomeGoods Blog, Ornaments with leaves and silver accents from Fresh Home Ideas, Vases of ornaments from Budget Wise Home

Pine and Cranberries (and other natural items)

Creating centerpieces with pine cones, pine sprigs, or cranberries is a natural way to spruce up your home with something beautiful from nature. If using candles, please make sure no items are close enough to burn/catch fire!

Floating candle jar from Better Homes and Gardens, Cranberries and candles from Budget Wise Home, How to create pine cone centerpiece with mason jar candles from A Soft Place to Land, Nuts as candle fillers from Koyal Wholesale, Pine cones and cranberries from Perfect Wedding Guide, Evergreen sprigs and champagne flutes from My Home Ideas,


Pick up a bouquet of mixed holiday arrangements (or a bouquet of roses) from your local grocery store and arrange in paper and ribbon decorated vases; order a bouquet of flowers from your florist and arrange in vases filled with cranberries, ornaments, glitter, or other accents; or go the simple route and arrange those floral beauties in a favorite vase.

Make flower balls and place on cake stands from Country Living, Fill brandy sniffer with cranberries and top with hydrangeas and greenery via Southern Living, decorate vases with ribbon and paper and fill with flowers from Bhg.com


Which one is your favorite?


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