Thinking Back and Looking Ahead: 2011

As we end 2011 I can’t help but think back on how much has changed in just a year’s time. Here are just same big things of this last year:

  • Marc got a new job
  • I quit my job
  • We moved back to our home town
  • We felt the heartache of infertility
  • Our diet significantly changed (get out processed grains!)
  • And because of it, we both lost weight and became healthier
  • We experienced the joy of conceiving (and found out it’s a boy!)
  • We became Godparents to my cousin’s adorable little girl who was born in January

And what will 2012 bring us? 2011 was filled with lots of personal growth and learning experiences and I am sure 2012 will be just the same, if not, more so.

So far, we are looking forward to the birth of our son, becoming parents, and purchasing our own home; you know, big grown-up things! While I generally forget big New Year’s Goals and Resolutions a few weeks in, these are some hopes for the New Year:

  • Continue cooking and enjoying real, whole food
  • Living life with as little toxins as possible (green cleaners, natural products, etc)
  • Purchasing a house and making it a home
  • Continuing to improve our marriage and grow closer
  • Giving birth to our son (hopefully naturally, without medications)
  • Enjoying becoming a parent and nurturing our child
  • Living life with less emphasis on material items
  • Try to be more generous and caring to others around me
  • Documenting more family gatherings with pictures
  • Finishing up a few quilts and make more handmade gifts

I’m looking forward to what 2012 will bring, what about you?



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