Budget Grocery Challenge Week 1: Review

Here was what I planned for dinner (and leftover lunches):

The reality:

We had so much chicken chili left that I didn’t want to waste, we practically ate it all week (Marc also had a work lunch one day, so he didn’t have to pack lunch on that day). So I now have ingredients for vegetable curry and chicken and lentils for next week.

Total cost: I spent about $85-92, but I now have two dinners for next week. I also purchased yogurt and bread at the store later in the week – about $6. So for less than $100, for 3 adults, we ate healthy meals for one week, with two whole meals left over!

We have plenty of butter leftover, but we could have easily gone through more milk. This week I need to buy cheese, olive oil, and almond butter though, so we will see how our budget does when I go grocery shopping today!


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