Heart Quilt for Your Little (Or your Lap)

Better late than never, but I finally finished by Godchild’s Christmas 1st Birthday Valentine’s Day quilt. I’ve been limiting my internet time during the day and wow, does that make me 100x more productive. I used some shortcuts that made making this quilt pretty easy, and while it’s not perfect, I’m happy with the overall results.

This quilt does not have batting, instead, I used a fuzzy blanket I bought for $4 at the craft store – those fleece throws you can buy cheap at drug stores or Wal-Mart work well too.

I didn’t have anyone at home to help me hold it up and take a picture, so excuse the weird angle.

Quilt steps:

  1. Sew strips of fabric together (can be different widths)
  2. Cut vertically, into several peices (I cut into 4 pieces)
  3. Cut strips of matching fabric (I cut mine 2.5 inches)
  4. Sew strips of fabric together, alternating upside down and rightside up, with the color strips in between
  5. Cut hearts our of felt
  6. Sew several hearts by hand or with your machine, onto quilt top (leave a few to sew on when you put the back on, optional – stuff hearts with batting)
  7. Pin quilt onto fleece throw
  8. Baste (wide-stitch) around the edge of quilt, securing top and bottom pieces together and trim the excess
  9. Pin binding around edges, and sew
  10. Sew on additional hearts to “quilt” your top and bottom together
  11. Hand or machine embroider a note on a felt heart (my first time doing freestyle machine embroidery, looks pretty good for being a beginner!)
  12. Sew on heart to back (but do it better than I did!)

Ta-da! All done!



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