Updates and Cloth Diaper Questions

I’ve been gone for a while from here with all the stuff going on away from the computer.

Still in the process of buying a house, though we should be getting closer to being home owners any day now. The house we are in contract with wants to close on April 16th, which we would love. It’s an older home with some issues that we are trying to resolve before moving ahead, though. Fingers crossed the house closes in time and the baby isn’t early!

Baby is a growing (and so is my belly)! We did our birth unit tour a couple of weeks ago. We have Kaiser insurance and it seems they are really working hard to make it a baby friendly and mom friendly atmosphere. We have been seeing nurse midwives and hope to have a natural, unmedicated birth. It’s also nice that their birth ward is only a few years old and their rooms are large and cozy. They have no nursery, all babies room-in (except if they have to go to the NICU) and all rooms are private, so dad’s can stay the night. While we wanted a home birth (but it was way too expensive in this area with our current insurance) we feel that this hospital will still be a good place to give birth.

I had my baby shower last week and we are so incredibly blessed to have so many family and friends who are generous and supportive. We pretty much have all that we need, except for a few things here and there.

Cloth Diaper Decisions

I have been ordering  a few different cloth diapers this week. I have prefolds, so I ordered a few diaper covers, and a few different pocket diapers. Anyone have experience with the Charlie Banana diapers? Their design says you can put the cloth insert inside the pocket and the disposable insert outside the pocket; can you put the cloth insert outside the pocket as well?

I like the diapers you can get multiple uses from before washing – diaper covers, GDiapers, (which seem a bit expensive to me when you have to buy the inserts, the plastic liner, and different sizes) etc. You can remove the insert or the prefold, and if there aren’t any leaks, you are still good to go with the the cover. I have never used cloth diapers before, being this is our first child, but it seems that you have to wash the other pocket diapers every time you change your child, because you put the insert inside the pocket (Bumgenius, FuzziBunz, etc). Although it looks like BumGenius has a new diaper where you do put the insert on the outside.

There is just so much to wade through with cloth diapers! I know everyone has different preferences and what works for one child may not work for the next.

Any other diapers out there that have no-stuff inserts?



4 thoughts on “Updates and Cloth Diaper Questions

  1. Hi! Just stumbled onto your site while looking for Easter basket ideas. (yours are great btw).

    Have you looked at Softbums? I am cloth diapering for the first time with my second daughter and have liked them so far (she’s two months old). They are on the pricey side (but I got them as gifts…so that worked out!) They are one size from birth on and use inserts that snap in. There are two designs: Omni (where you can stuff insert inside or use it on top) or Echo (which uses the insert snapped in). Good luck with whatever diapers you end up choosing!

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