Nursery Glider Redo, AKA the Weekend Project from Hell

I bought a glider rocking chair and ottoman off of Craigslist the other day for $60. It was in pretty good condition, but I wanted to make it more colorful and match my imaginary, soon-to-be nursery.

After reading a ton of blog posts about refinishing and painting furniture, I felt super confident that this would be easy enough to do.

One of these days our house will finally close and then we can finally move in and get things ready for baby, but until then, I am left with crafting in the spare bedroom and on our small balcony. Hopefully Friday we can sign the final papers!

Here are the before and after pics (excuse the mess, we are packing up awaiting the move):

Glider chair before and after (before I put the arm cushions back on)

I went down to the home improvement store and bought:

  • A sample pack of sand paper ($4 for 5 sheets of different grit, I ended up using medium)
  • Two 8oz paint “samples” of a yellow I liked ($6)
  • A can of tinted primer (as per the recommendation from the paint guy, $9, to be used for several other projects)
  • A sample pack of paint brushes ($14, to be used for other projects as well)

How it went:

I used the medium grit sand paper and did a rough sand on all the places I could get to. Being 8 months pregnant, some spots were harder to reach than others, especially all those moving parts underneath the seat, but overall, sanding wasn’t too hard.

I then began applying the primer. This part became more difficult, as I really couldn’t reach all those parts underneath the seat. I sent my husband to buy spray primer at the store ($5) and finished spraying what I could.

Spray primer worked WAY easier. Especially if you decide not to take apart the whole chair (FYI, I would recommend taking apart the whole chair because it was not fun trying to reach some of those spots that literally cannot be reached, even with spray paint).

Since spray primer worked so much easier, I thought spray paint might work just as well, and tried to spray paint the chair yellow (had a can from another project). Spray paint was a total failure. I stopped for the night before I wanted to kick the chair over the balcony.

The next day I used fine grit sand paper to do a rough sand over the really bad spray paint parts and went back to painting.

Several hours,  3 or so coats of paint, and a protesting pelvis later, I was REALLY ready to be done, despite parts on the bottom looking absolutely horrid because of how hard they were to reach (and perhaps also because I’m not talented painter). But I was done, damnit! Hopefully no one will look too closely.

I will NEVER PAINT THAT CHAIR AGAIN! It will have to remain yellow for as long as I own it.

The Cushions:

I removed all the cushions and did a rough measurement by laying the cushions on top of the fabric and cutting around it, allowing for seam allowances.

I essentially sewed “pillow cases” around the cushions and then sewed them in, although if I was thinking about it, I would I just made them envelope covers, which would have been a lot easier, and better in the long run. Not sure why it didn’t come to mind, especially since I was sewing throw pillows for my bedroom using the exact same technique as the link shows.

Total cost for chair:

  • Fabric $10 (on sale, and with coupon), 3 yards
  • Sandpaper (with plenty leftover) $4
  • Paint (used a little over one 80z jar) $6
  • Paint brushes (for a pack, will use again) $14
  • Primer (for a quart, lots left for other projects) $9
  • Spray paint primer $5

So I spent $21 on supplies JUST for the chair, and another $27 on supplies that I will use again, plus $60 for the chair and ottoman

I plan on doing a full slip cover for the ottoman (no way I am painting that thing, either). I will let you know how that goes. I also have a night stand a dresser I need to paint for the baby’s room. I hope that goes much easier!


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