Decorative Throw Pillows

My husband finally relented and let me add some yellow into our already gray and black bedroom. It may be overdone, but I think a yellow, gray, and black bedroom looks great. To celebrate, and to actually add some of the color, I started off by making some throw pillows for our bed.

I had 2 square pillows and 1 rectangular pillow already, I just needed to make covers for them. Instead of cutting out several pieces and adding a zipper or button, I went with the envelope style pillow cover. An envelope style pillow cover is probably the easiest pillow cover and you only need to cut one piece of fabric!

I could attempt to draw you out a tutorial, but so many already exist. You can find some HERE or HERE or search for yourself. All you need is a piece of fabric a little longer than 2x your pillow and slightly wider. You could use your sewing machine, but if don’t have one, you could try the iron on hemming tape or maybe attempt the hemming glue as well.

I made two yellow pillow covers and one black one, and then decorated them with flower accents

It's a good idea to iron the fabric before you sew...

I used the wrap  felt flower tutorial and a fabric rosette tutorial (I secure the twisted fabric with needle and thread though) for the black pillow. You could attach pins to the back of the rosettes for removal to wash the pillow cover, or you could just glue or sew them on.

I cut out felt and fleece flower petals and layered and glued them together for the yellow pillows. I used 3 different petal sizes and cut out 6 petals per size, and layered them. No template needed, just cut them out in a tear drop shape, then trim it down smaller and smaller for the other two layers.

You could glue a piece of felt on the back of the whole flower, then attach a pin to the felt so that the flower is removable, but I just went ahead and took the easy route and used fabric glue to attach the whole thing to the pillow case.

Now I just need to finish the rest of the accents!


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