Wittlebee Review

Wittlebee is a clothing club for infants and children. Every month for $39.99 you get a box of assorted clothing. Wittlebee’s stylist puts together a one-of-a-kind box according to your style profile.

The style profile asks you basic questions about the clothing you want, the colors and styles you prefer, and other related questions. A stylist can give you a call, or you can leave a note.

Sidenote: I think being a stylist would be an awesome job, putting together clothing boxes for little ones!

My profile reads the following:

Size: 6-12 M
Styles needed: Long Sleeve, Onesies, Pants (shorts and shirts are other options)
Graphics: Skulls+Rock&Roll, Stripes
Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, Black
Clothing Style: Mix and Match
Accessories Needed: Hats
Styles not needed: Tank Tops, Writing/Slogans
Climate: California Dreamin

I didn’t have the stylist call me, but I left them the following message (200 character max):

Hi, the size selections are 6-12 months, but he has outgrown 6mo pants and almost outgrown of 6 month onesies, so it might be best to have 12 mo pants and 9 or 12 mo onesies. Onesies prefered, thx

I received the following:

  • 12-mo Ocean Pacific shirt (from Walmart)
  • 12-moTeddy Boom Polo ($4 value)
  • 12-mo Miss-tee-v-us shirt
  • 6-12 month onesie (from American Apparel)
  • 12-mo pair of jeans (from Teddy Boom)
  • 12-mo pair of leggings (from American Apparel)

I think Wittlebee is an interesting concept, I was a bit disappointed:

I asked for long-sleeves and onesies for tops, and specified that I preferred onesies and in sizes 9 and 12 months

I received one onesie and 3 shirts in sizes 12 months, no long sleeves, only one onesie, and nothing in 9 months. I also wasn’t impressed with the Wal-mart shirt.

I liked the pants

I’m glad I got in on a flash sale and only paid $19.99

The most expensive piece of clothing (I think) is the Miss-tee-v-us guitar shirt, but it really isn’t my style, but it is exactly what I asked for

Perhaps girl clothes or different styles might make a better box, but I won’t be renewing my subscription. If you are interested, I would sign up and wait for a sale, via email.


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