7 Different ways to create your own photo canvas

DIY canvas photos are quite popular right now. There are lots of tutorials online ranging from really easy, to a bit more difficult. I’ve compiled a list of the most common tutorials so that you can give it a try! Whether you are trying to save money, make memorable gifts, do something heartfelt, or fill your empty walls, this is a great project!

Canvas packs at Michaels are $19.99 for TEN 8×10’s! They also go on sale for 40-50% off. Thats $1-2 for each canvas. Printing at Costco is also very inexpensive. Below is a price list, but 8×10’s are only $1.49.

Below are several different tutorials on how to make your own canvas pictures. I’m sure you can find one that suits your needs!

Not all tutorials require you to get professionally done prints, some just use a regular home printer. Here is Costco’s price list:

Almost all tutorials use Mod Podge; use that 40% off craft coupon to buy it and save a few bucks. Some tutorials call for paint, and others, scrapbook paper.

Joy Folie’s canvas: uses a picture printed on card stock and tissue paper. (Little Bit Funky did it this way, too)


modge podge
tissue paper
1 sheet of card stock

Shanty to chic mounted photo: Mounted picture and textured with paint (uses wood, but works with canvas too)



Baby Stribling also glues and “textures” the photo with paint and adds scrap book paper on the edges


Mod podge
Scrap book paper

Distressed Photo Canvas from Delia Creates:


blown up photo (uses picture printed on paper)
foam paint brush (like you use for toll paint)
a plastic card – like a credit card, or brayer
spray bottle of water
gel medium – glossy medium weight

Rust and Sunshine uses iron-on transfer paper on canvas and made her own framed canvases

Unprimed Canvas
Stretcher Bars or Frame
Iron-on Transfer Paper
Ink Jet Printer
Staple Gun
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
How Does She goes a bit further and uses texture cream
Photo 2″ larger on each side than your canvas
Wood glue (make sure it’s the white wood glue…NOT the yellow stuff!!)
Texture cream
Foam roller
Small paintbrush or roller
Ruffled does a great tutorial using Instagram prints and gel medium
A canvas (start with a 5×5 size. The small sizes are much easier and more forgiving to start out on)
Gel Medium
A brush
Furniture Polish
A Xerox copy of your photo (remember it will be mirrored once it’s on the canvas)

2 thoughts on “7 Different ways to create your own photo canvas

    • I think they may make a texturizing mod podge, but the texture cream adds more body? for lack of better word. My mom brain is totally failing me right now with what it is called when you use certain paints and you get thick paint lines and texture, but the texture cream would add more of a 3D texture effect. Does that make sense? The mod podge would more like make the picture more matte, but the cream would add more dimension.

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