9 DIY treat stands

I love seeing all the DIY treat stands on Pinterest and I have been meaning to make some. All you need is glue, a base, a tray, and if you want, some ribbon or paint. An assortment of trays full of goodies would be great for holiday parties. Here is a list of some different tutorials:

23 days

DIY Treat Stands

Tutorial links after the jump

  1. Wood and table leg cake stands from Bee in Our Bonnet
  2. Candlestick and plastic plate layered treat stand from The Crafting Chicks
  3. Vase and plate cake stand from The Winthrop Chronicals
  4. Tiered trays from Joy’s Hope
  5. Tart pan and candle stick cake stand from Tuscany Design
  6. Tiered mirror and candlestick treat stand from Tradewind Tiaras
  7. Light globe and plate stand (anyone know the original source?)
  8. Clay pot cake stand from Joshua Trent
  9. Painted cup and plate dessert stands from Centsational Girl

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