New Year Goals

How is everyone’s New Year going? Mine seems to be pretty productive so far, despite having a sinus infection and a teething baby!

I keep reading people mention how they don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, just general goals; I have said something similar, but really, same difference.

My goals for this year are continuations from last year:

Be a better steward of my time and money – This includes not wasting time or income. To be more productive and not buy things we don’t need.

Personal and spiritual enrichment – to take the time to read and study good books, people of faith, etc.

Improving my home – getting those remodel projects done, taking care of the garden, meal plan, and cleaning.

Some more specific goals:

    Pay off consumer debt
    Mini bathroom remodel
    Plant and eat from our vegetable garden
    Finish 2012 photo book
    Develop a plan to eat more local produce and meat

What do you want for 2013?


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