Prosciutto-basil chicken and Brussel sprouts recipe

My friend Jen is a great cook. She likes trying new things and we sometimes get lucky and are invited over for dinner! I’m not a huge fan of prosciutto and my husband isn’t a huge fan of basil, but in this dish, this prosciutto-basil chicken, it tastes amazing! Jen got this recipe from a friend who got it somewhere online. It’s been altered a bit here and there along the way. I don’t think mine came out quite as good as Jen’s, but that could be because I didn’t have to cook it the first time!

basil and prosciutto chicken Ingredients

2 lbs boneless chicken breasts
3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
6 oz sliced prosciutto
12 slices provolone cheese
1 bunch fresh basil
White wine
Pepper to taste
Fat for cooking

This made about 5-6 serving for our family
Note; this requires 3 stages of cooking so be careful not to over-cook the chicken

In a large frying pan, heat oil or other fat on medium/medium-low heat and toss in chopped garlic cloves
Add in chicken breast
Sprinkle chicken with black pepper to taste and cook just until no longer pink
Remove chicken from pan
Wrap chicken in prosciutto and return to pan
Increase heat slightly and lightly brown the prosciutto on both sides
Decrease heat to medium-low
Top chicken with basil leaves then cover in provolone
Pour in a dash or two (or 3) of wine and immediately cover pan with lid
Let steam until cheese is melted
Remove from pan and serve

basil prociutto chicken
Steamed brussel sprouts:
Trim sprouts, removing the bottom hard part
Steam in pot until tender
In a serving bowl, add a 1-2 tbsp butter, lemon-pepper and garlic powder to taste
Toss until butter is melted and seasoning is evenly distributed


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