April’s Whole Food Challenge

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! And lucky to all you non-USAers who have Easter Monday off! We enjoyed great weather for most of the day, family, fresh food and desserts, and then some Spring storms!

It’s now Monday, April 1st, and the start of my eat clean month long challenge. I learned a lot about myself and eating habits this last month and I’m hoping to continue to grow and learn this month as well.

A few people I know are challenging themselves this month to eat better, and while our eating changes may differ for each individual, we are all doing this to improve our health and create or reinforce healthy habits.

whole food challenge

What does my particular Whole Food Challenge look like?

  • No counting calories (counting calories these last couple weeks have made me neurotic!)
  • Eat non-processed, natural, foods
  • No refined sugar or starches
  • No hydrogenated oils or soy
  • Limited “healthy” desserts, such as paleo treats
  • Non-cured linguica and bacon are exceptions

What does your Whole Foods Challenge look like?


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