Giving Christmas gifts to deprived kids

Christmas will always be a season for giving. A lot of charities are active during the holidays, especially those that focus on providing aid to children. In every corner around the world, there would be food drives, solicitations, and fund raisers in schools and churches. If you want to make children happy this Christmas by participating in charity drives, you may want to remember these things before donating.

Prioritize your area

International aid groups already receive help from a lot of people all over the world. However, your area may not have a lot of donors or even aid groups. Before signing yourself up to international charities, you may want to check whether or not your area has a group that provides aid to children.

Be generous

Stay within your means but don’t just donate something that you can easily pull out of your coin purse. Christmas is just once a year anyway and you’ll feel great when you know in your heart that you’ve made a kid somewhere out there very, very happy. Besides, scientific studies say that helping others is good for the health.

Determine where you want your money to go

There are a lot of charities but each has a different aim. Some charities prioritize in giving toys, while others make food their number one concern. As a suggestion, you may want to donate to groups who prioritize the basic needs of people. UnaKids is an international organization that supports the overall well-being of children, from education to work opportunity when they grow up, so you may want to support charities like that.

Wrapped or unwrapped

Before dropping off your donation to a charity, know whether or not the group wants its received donations wrapped or unwrapped. Some charities prefer receiving donations unwrapped for inspection purposes. This is mostly true for international organizations.

That’s it! Hope you can find it in your heart to make a generous donation to the needy this gift-giving season.

How do you give back to others during the holiday season?

*Note – this is a contributed post. I do, however, totally agree!*


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