Grown-up Halloween Playlist

A little creepy, but not too campy; I will be listening to this playlist to get into the Halloween spirit (and continue to listen to it because I love the songs!).

It’s easy to find ghoulish tunes if you listen to psychobilly or rockabilly music, but I was feeling something a bit more easy listening as well, so I mixed it up a bit.

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Tiger Army Never Die

One of my favorite bands has to be Tiger Army. My cousins, brother and I always go see them in concert whenever they are remotely around. They put on a fantastic show and it’s always fun. Our favorite spot to see them is in Santa Cruz.

This is the first songĀ  I heard of theirs:

One of my favorite songs, an essential one to play in Santa Cruz:

Now the lead singer, Nick 13 has a solo album that is back to country roots and we can’t wait to finally see him live as well.


Today’s Rockabilly Playlist

House cleaning is made so much better with good music. I might even dance and enjoy cleaning when I have rockin music to listen to.

Today’s line-up:

(I wanna Know) What’s Going On – The Detroit Cobras
Dusty Boxcar Wall – Eileen Jewell
Get Rhythm – The Reverend Horton Heat
Reanimated – Spook
Brown-eyed Handsome Man – The Mother Truckers
Not Invited – Madsin
Love Tattoo – Imelda May
Dead Man’s Party – Hillbilly Hellcats
Wreckin’ Crew – the Meteors
Incorporeal – Tiger Army

One of the Best Movies Ever: Crybaby

Picture from IMDb

This week I’ve watched Crybaby twice. When I was little, I actually wore out the VHS we had. I hadn’t seen the movie in a while, so I decided to put it on while I was cooking (I can see the TV from the kitchen). It made dinner prep so much more enjoyable!

Great Music, awesome clothing, and a young, hunky Johnny Depp; What’s not to love?

If you haven’t seen this movie, GO. WATCH. IT. NOW. Seriously. It’s absolutely ridiculous but hilarious too.

This is my favorite part:

Because my brother and I watched this movie so often, I wonder if it had influence over our style, since we both dress a bit rockabilly (that and listening to 50’s music tapes all the time).