I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

And the winner goes to Jess! Thanks for all who participated – new contest coming up tomorrow!

Jess- email me (theliefoflulubelle(at)gmail.com) your address and email so Elk River Naturals can send you the prize!

Today’s post comes from Jamie Quin, the owner of Elk River Naturals. I am pleased to have her stop by my blog AND offer a great giveaway!

If you are anything like me, the holiday season brings a confusing mix of feelings somewhere between pure joy and self loathing guilt. This is surely a time when one should reflect on family, life and love and whatever this season means to you personally, but is it wrong that I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty about the waste that comes along with this season? During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 25% more waste is produced than at any other time of the year. Millions of pounds of wrapping paper, bows, cards, boxes, junk mail and other items ultimately end up in landfills. Christmas can not only take a toll on a person – with gift buying pressure, money worries, navigating through traffic and crowding looking for that perfect gift – but it also takes a toll on the environment. In order to make yourself and those on your Christmas list happy this season, look over these creative examples of how to gift, decorate and dispose green!

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