Cookies and Ice Cream – Copycat Pizookie

I was going to title this post “an easy way to get fat and eat bad food” but I thought that was a bit mean and dramatic. And I only say that because I feel much better about dessert when it’s made with natural ingredients, not the manufactured ones we consumed tonight. I’m all for whole foods and clean eating; I think everyone should do it, but every once in a while I want something that is bad for me. I want to splurge a bit and enjoy all the different things life has to offer – even if it is hydrogenated oils and processed sugars. So maybe I will just blame it on my husband. Yeah, that’s it; a special request from my husband.

Around here we have a restaurant called BJ’s Brewhouse. They serve pizza and beer and lots of other American dishes. They aren’t particularly noteworthy or fantastic, except for their Pizookie. Their Pizookie, cleverly named by combining the words “pizza” and “cookie” is a warm, half-baked cookie fresh out of the oven served in a small cake pan like container with a generous scoop of ice cream on top. I’m sure there is no secret ingredient or special recipe, but something simple and delicious – a soft and gooey cookie. No need to make it fancy, it’s perfect the way it is.

I fully support eating healthy, whole, natural foods. But I have a wicked sweet tooth. And I wanted to eat a Pizookie. I did not, however, want to get dressed, drive 30 minutes, and wait for a table to get one. The solution? Make one at home!

My husband did this and other obscene gestures with this large tube of cookie dough all throughout the store.

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