17 Days Until Christmas: Glass Ornament Crafts

Plain glass ornaments can be found at Hell-mart Wal-mart or other craft supply stores. They are generally pretty cheap for a pack of 6 and can be decorated in lots of different fun ways for almost all ages!

You don't have to be an artist to paint glass ornaments

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18 Days Until Christmas: A Gift for the Toddler

I’m becoming kind of a toy snob. I searched around quite a bit for an appropriate and safe toy for my adorable Godchild, Addison, who will be just shy of 1 years old come Christmas. I wanted to stay away from plastic and be as earth and baby friendly as possible.

I came across Dandelion’s Organic, Little House Shape Sorter.

Although I am not a huge fan of pastels, and I think that if they went with bright colors this could be better suited for both genders, I think this will be a great gift for Addison.

  • She can safely put any of these pieces into her mouth (which she does with everything anyways)
  • Machine washable
  • Different shapes for learning
  • and each shape has a unique property that should entertain her as well

Dandelion House Shape Sorter about to get wrapped for my Godchild!

You can purchase this toy from Dandelion’s site . I bought mine from Amazon.

Count Down to Christmas!


I hope everyone’s December is going well!

My December is already in full force and undoubtedly, it will get even busier when my weekends are filled with baking and cooking for the holidays and visiting friends and family.

Luckily I have managed to finish almost all my Christmas shopping and present wrapping. Now I just need to bake, take pictures and send out cards, and go to those holiday gatherings! Oh, and I need to make another yarn wreath too…. must remember that one!

Only about 2 weeks left if you want to order presents online too – so as far as I am concerned, presents need to be bought and at least mostly wrapped by the 20th!

For the next two weeks and on to Christmas,  I am planning posts on gift ideas, holiday recipes, winter crafts, and Christmas party ideas. We may even have some giveaways!


Hope you will join me!



A Happy Moment

DePhoMo #2

Yogurt with strawberries and a decorated Christmas tree

Why is this a happy moment, you ask?

For one, a decorated tree in our home makes me even more excited for Christmas and spending time with family.

Two – I’m eating yogurt (my favorite yogurt – Strauss European Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt served with thawed frozen strawberries because they aren’t in season). This is a big deal because I’m finally, after 11 weeks of feeling yucky, saying goodbye to the annoying “morning” sickness  (almost 17 weeks along!) and able to eat some real food – even if I still have food aversions to meat and vegetables.

Feeling Conflicted: Baking for the Holidays

I love to bake. I love to use my creativity decorating cookies and cakes and making delicious sweets for everyone to enjoy. However, I also think we would all do better if we eliminated sugar and processed grains from our diet. Thus, my desire to bake and my desire to share the health are at odds with each other. I know I can bake healthy goodies – these usually require fruit sweetened with honey and maple syrup served with ice cream sweetened with the same, or a grain-free crust (those berry cheese tarts were delicious). These desserts, while still yummy and satisfying, are not quite the same as baking a batch of Christmas sugar cookies or a fresh loaf of bread.

For Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, I’ve been asked to bake bread. I’m going to bake bread and I will enjoy eating it, but I can’t help feel a tinge bit guilty. I don’t live a completely grain or gluten-free life (especially now in this stage of pregnancy where all I want is grains, fruit, and juice) so it’s not like I don’t have my own cheats here and there.

For Christmas, should I bake those holiday goodies for everyone? I would like to, but I still have that guilt that I am feeding people things that are unhealthy for them!

Does anyone else have the same problem?

50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Welcome! If you are a male, looking for gift ideas for the lady in your life, I hope this helps! And no matter what gifts you buy or make, WRAP THEM. It doesn’t have to be perfect and beautiful, but the extra effort really makes a difference! Think about what she likes to do in her free time, items she uses often, etc.

Ladies, any more ideas? Please share! Like I mentioned before, I love stocking gifts! It seems like it’s easier to do stockings for females because all that girly stuff is small and fits in the sock. Plus, guys are always harder to shop for; anyone else with me on that?

Stocking Stuffers for Women of almost all ages. To view stocking stuffers for men, click HERE.

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50+ Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Men

Looking for Ideas for the Kids? Click HERE!
Hi EVERYONE! Thanks for stopping by!

This is the original 50 Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Men, but I have taken everyone’s ideas and more and created this new post:


If you are still getting a spam warning from Pinterest, please let me know (and if you can, leave the link of the pin). 

Thanks, and enjoy!

Stocking Stuffers for Men:

  1. Cologne – samples work best because they are smaller and cheaper
  2. Soap – handmade beer or manly soap is nice
  3. Undies
  4. Socks
  5. chocolate or other candy
  6. chocolate covered bacon, pretzels, or other junk food items (beef jerky, canned cheese, etc)
  7. Bottle opener, bottle opener ring
  8. Beanie/knit hat
  9. Gloves
  10. Holiday ornament
  11. Key Chain
  12. Phone case
  13. Money clip
  14. Wallet
  15. A cheesy movie from the clearance bin (hello Chuck Norris)
  16. Mini Lego kits (like race cars, Lego men, key chains, etc.)
  17. Silly putty or other slimy substance
  18. Deck of cards or other card games (like Uno)
  19. Silly toys – parachute men, poppers, wind up animals, sticky hands, mini etch-a-sketch, silly string, etc.
  20. Shot glass
  21. Key covers (I bought tiki men key covers for my brother one year)
  22. Ear buds
  23. Mini bottles of booze
  24. Ties
  25. Cufflinks – if your guy wears them, there are some awesome ones on Etsy
  26. Manly bath or shave products or bath favorites- my brother really loves a certain brand of mint tea tree shampoo
  27. Pocket knife
  28. Mini tools or weapons – what male doesn’t love a Nerf gun?
  29. Batteries
  30. A book, graphic novel, or magazine
  31. $5 gift cards – one of my favorites, fast food or coffee works great
  32. Gum or mints
  33. Chapstick – my husband always steals mine or complains about chapped lips
  34. Hand or boot warmers – found some at Target, 2 for $1
  35. Hand or cuticle cream
  36. Computer decals
  37. Car air fresheners
  38. For the love of your life: Massage oil
  39. For the love of your life: sexy undies for you
  40. For the love of your life: Other bedroom goodies
  41. Special cigar
  42. Matches or lighter
  43. Coffee samples
  44. Patches, stickers, or pins of a sports team, band, or company, etc.
  45. Coffee cup or mug
  46. Nail clippers and tweezers
  47. Razors and other shaving accessories
  48. Boot or hat cleaning or weathering spray
  49. Pens or pencils
  50. Bandanas
  51. Mini specialty food items – mustard, hot sauce, nutella, etc. (Cost Plus World Market is a great source)

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase items from the site, I earn a small percentage.

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White Elephant Gag Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Yarn Wreath

Do a Google Image search for “Yarn Wreath” and lots of pretty things will come up; Christmas wreaths, colorful spring wreaths, and everything in between. My friend Nichole is a big fan of yarn wreaths and got me interested. I decided to try my hand and create a yarn wreath with felt flowers for my aunt’s new home for Christmas.

Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers How-To:

Yarn wreath using felt wrap rosettes and scrabble tiles

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