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It is time for the ModCloth ‘Tis The Season Sale today through 11/25 with huge savings! The ModCloth ‘Tis The Season Sale is an amazing sale including 100s of brand new stunning styles at 50% off! Now is the time to stock up on great styles for the holidays and beyond!

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Wittlebee Review

Wittlebee is a clothing club for infants and children. Every month for $39.99 you get a box of assorted clothing. Wittlebee’s stylist puts together a one-of-a-kind box according to your style profile.

The style profile asks you basic questions about the clothing you want, the colors and styles you prefer, and other related questions. A stylist can give you a call, or you can leave a note.

Sidenote: I think being a stylist would be an awesome job, putting together clothing boxes for little ones!

My profile reads the following:

Size: 6-12 M
Styles needed: Long Sleeve, Onesies, Pants (shorts and shirts are other options)
Graphics: Skulls+Rock&Roll, Stripes
Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, Black
Clothing Style: Mix and Match
Accessories Needed: Hats
Styles not needed: Tank Tops, Writing/Slogans
Climate: California Dreamin

I didn’t have the stylist call me, but I left them the following message (200 character max):

Hi, the size selections are 6-12 months, but he has outgrown 6mo pants and almost outgrown of 6 month onesies, so it might be best to have 12 mo pants and 9 or 12 mo onesies. Onesies prefered, thx

I received the following:

  • 12-mo Ocean Pacific shirt (from Walmart)
  • 12-moTeddy Boom Polo ($4 value)
  • 12-mo Miss-tee-v-us shirt
  • 6-12 month onesie (from American Apparel)
  • 12-mo pair of jeans (from Teddy Boom)
  • 12-mo pair of leggings (from American Apparel)

I think Wittlebee is an interesting concept, I was a bit disappointed:

I asked for long-sleeves and onesies for tops, and specified that I preferred onesies and in sizes 9 and 12 months

I received one onesie and 3 shirts in sizes 12 months, no long sleeves, only one onesie, and nothing in 9 months. I also wasn’t impressed with the Wal-mart shirt.

I liked the pants

I’m glad I got in on a flash sale and only paid $19.99

The most expensive piece of clothing (I think) is the Miss-tee-v-us guitar shirt, but it really isn’t my style, but it is exactly what I asked for

Perhaps girl clothes or different styles might make a better box, but I won’t be renewing my subscription. If you are interested, I would sign up and wait for a sale, via email.

My Favorite Things + Life Update

*To those that get email notifications – ignore the email sent last night. Sorry about that!*

Busy weekend! The husband spent the day/most of the night in Oakland at the Social Distortion concert with the boys and my mom and I had a splurge day eating Chinese food and Cold Stone (their warm creations were disappointing). Sunday will be pent going to church then off to visit friends for their daughter’s 1-year birthday party!

I’m also 27 weeks along today! Just one more week and I will be into the third-trimester. It still seems so surreal, despite the fact that our little guy reminds me of his presence by wiggling and kicking (recently under my right ribs) quite often.

We are a few weeks into our Bradley classes and they are going well so far. I may forget some of the stretches/exercises that are assigned as homework, but I don’t forget the relaxation techniques that involve getting a massage before bed!

We are still waiting on the short-sale house we made an offer for (which was accepted by the seller, just waiting on the bank), so hopefully that goes through within the next few weeks. Having the house ready before the baby comes would be more than ideal.

For fun, here is a list of my favorite things / items that get me through the week!

Things that get me through the week

Cocoon sweater
$23 – – I have the darker red/long sleeve version of this sweater and it has been a main staple in my wardrobe this winter – so comfortable!

Orange Essence Facial Cleanser- Burt’s Bees
$8 – – The smell of this is divine! I mix it with some baking soda for a gentle exfoliation

Physicians Formula
$14 – – LOVE this powder! It is also a great concealer as well.

Buy GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein, Banana Cream & More |…
$23 – – I don’t normally support protein powders, but I need to get more protein in my diet and this powder with milk is so tasty – just like a banana now’n’later (sp?). It’s also good blended with 1-2 servings peanut butter and frozen milk and ice cubes.

Hanes Womens Stretch Bikini 3 pair ET42LC at
$11 – – So what if they aren’t fancy underwear. These are super comfortable and don’t fall down my nearly non-existent rear when wearing maternity jeans.

Oh Baby by Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Bootcut Jeans
$64 – – These jeans fit great. They are a little stretchy and still look good when I turn up the cuff (because I’m short)

Iron Fist All Hope Abandoned Flats – Black (Vegan) –
$30 – – I love these shoes. Not much support, but they match 95% of my wardrobe and I think they are awesome
You can see the rest of the items by visiting the set.