How to make Christmas cards, scrapbook pages and other goodies without special photo editing software

I know it’s not even November yet, but before you know it, it will be time to send out Christmas cards. If I don’t start on things now, they will probably go out late! Besides, you don’t have to make just Christmas cards with this tutorial, you can make any card or invite or layered graphic.

My computer has Photoshop on it, but it’s on the fritz, so I have been using my husband’s computer – he doesn’t have Photoshop on his computer and I have been procrastinating on installing it. I’ve been doing all my icons and graphic layering using POWERPOINT! Microsoft does make a flyer making software, but I don’t have that on my computer, either.

Some things are actually easier to use PowerPoint than Publisher or Photoshop or any other fancy photo editing software. I’ve including the following step-by-step tutorial on how to do your own Christmas cards (or birthday, or Easter, or scrap booking or electronic invitations) using PowerPoint. I made my wedding monograms some years back with this technique.

Printing pictures as Holiday cards can be more economical and can offer you more creativity and variety. You don’t have to follow a template! You can even make your own postcards this way by gluing cardstock to the back of one of your pictures.

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My Favorite Photo Album + Coupon!

When I got married, pictures were important but I had a limited budget. I opted for a photographer that I liked and that included a disc of images instead of a print package. I printed the ones I wanted and searched for a place to create a photo album. I finally settled on Blurb, and I am glad I did! I think I paid a 20th of what my photographer was offering!

My Blurb wedding album

By doing my own wedding album, I also was able to include where Marc proposed, our engagement pictures, and our honeymoon pictures! The album is 52 pages long with lots of color and lots of pictures. I chose a hardback book with a picture on the cover and the back. Blurb by far was most affordable and had the most options.

Don’t tell, but this is one of my planned Christmas presents for the new grandparents for Christmas after our little guy arrives. I think I will do his 1 year photo album from Blurb as well (you can also make cookbooks!).

Need another reason to make a photo album? Blurb is offering 15% off their new Facebook Photo Albums! How much easier could that get? Click HERE and use the code 15OFFBLURB to start one today!

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