Sunday Afternoon Dress

The other day I found this cute blue and turquoise fabric on clearance and I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it. I have this vintage dress that I love and it seemed simple to replicate – it’s really just a square with some sleeves and a collar.

I’m not a sewing expert, but I know that sometimes a little bit of direction makes sewing a little easier. I tried to include everything, so hopefully this will help! I used a thin, non-stretch cotton material for this dress. You could use an old sheet, cotton fabric, or a non-stretch synthetic material as well. The thinner the better because you need it to drape. Too thick and it will look unflattering.

You can include an elastic casing or just cinch it with a belt like I did! No zippers or button-holes required. I imagine this dress would be easy to make into maternity wear as well.

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Vintage dress re-fashion

I went through a brief stage of buying a few vintage dresses online. I still browse but I don’t really need another dress so I am refraining. I bought a lot of vintage dresses for less than $10 each – all in my size!

One dress in particular needed a little work. I thought it was cute if it was accessorized properly, but Marc really didn’t like it.

Dress in original condition

Here is the dress. It seems like all the vintage dresses I have bought have been sheer. Did people have slips in every color? Disregard the fact that you can clearly see my bra.

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