Christmas in Review: Gift Giving

I love Christmas. I love getting together with all my crazy family, baking too many sweets, and getting presents for all my loved ones. Every year, however, I think about how much stuff we buy for each other that has no sentimental value and will probably be forgotten before next Christmas has come around and that makes me kind of sad. Why waste so much money on things we don’t need and may only temporarily enjoy? Is the materialistic part of Christmas that important?

I had a wonderful Christmas this year, but next year I plan on doing things a little differently. With plans to buy a house and a baby on the way, we will probably be pinching more pennies than we are right now. Plus, it gets tiring buying gifts for those family members that have everything and can buy themselves whatever their heart may desire. I find it so much more enjoyable to buy gifts for those who don’t get to indulge, those who may not be able to afford those new shoes, and those who enjoy homemade gifts because the know it’s from the heart.

I have a whole year to plan for Christmas 2012 (in baby steps!) and I think I have an idea of what to give to those family members that have everything (and incidentally, tend not to be crafty and don’t appreciate handmade gifts as much).

Instead of spending money on fancy wine or other gifts for those with a bit more expensive tastes, I want to focus on family.

The plan: My goal is to take more pictures of family gatherings and turn it into gifts, whether it be in the form of photo books, agendas, calenders, or some other personalized item. It also makes it easier that we are expecting the first grandbaby on both sides and grandparents love baby pictures! Hello baby picture ornaments.

Anyone else thinking about more personalized gift giving?