Easy hanging pictures

I guess I am lazy, but I find it a pain to change out pictures in frames, especially when they are hanging on the wall. Solution? Hang the picture on the outside of the frame! You can easily change out pictures of several different sizes and you can change out the backdrop paper as well.

22 days

I bought the frames from a dollar store and the clips came in a 3 pack from Target. I also used spray paint on the clips.


  • Frames
  • Clips
  • All purpose, industrial-strength glue
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Colored paper (optional)

clip picture frames

picture frames finished

That’s it! Now you can change out your hanging pictures without taking your frames down!


These Vegetables Make Me Happy

Not to be too weird, but my CSA veggies from a local farmer are colorful and flavorful and they make me happy.        🙂

Lovely Leeks


Fresh Kale

Colorful Vegetables

Squash, leeks, peppers and kale

Sauted with garlic and herbs