My Favorite Things + Life Update

*To those that get email notifications – ignore the email sent last night. Sorry about that!*

Busy weekend! The husband spent the day/most of the night in Oakland at the Social Distortion concert with the boys and my mom and I had a splurge day eating Chinese food and Cold Stone (their warm creations were disappointing). Sunday will be pent going to church then off to visit friends for their daughter’s 1-year birthday party!

I’m also 27 weeks along today! Just one more week and I will be into the third-trimester. It still seems so surreal, despite the fact that our little guy reminds me of his presence by wiggling and kicking (recently under my right ribs) quite often.

We are a few weeks into our Bradley classes and they are going well so far. I may forget some of the stretches/exercises that are assigned as homework, but I don’t forget the relaxation techniques that involve getting a massage before bed!

We are still waiting on the short-sale house we made an offer for (which was accepted by the seller, just waiting on the bank), so hopefully that goes through within the next few weeks. Having the house ready before the baby comes would be more than ideal.

For fun, here is a list of my favorite things / items that get me through the week!

Things that get me through the week

Cocoon sweater
$23 – – I have the darker red/long sleeve version of this sweater and it has been a main staple in my wardrobe this winter – so comfortable!

Orange Essence Facial Cleanser- Burt’s Bees
$8 – – The smell of this is divine! I mix it with some baking soda for a gentle exfoliation

Physicians Formula
$14 – – LOVE this powder! It is also a great concealer as well.

Buy GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein, Banana Cream & More |…
$23 – – I don’t normally support protein powders, but I need to get more protein in my diet and this powder with milk is so tasty – just like a banana now’n’later (sp?). It’s also good blended with 1-2 servings peanut butter and frozen milk and ice cubes.

Hanes Womens Stretch Bikini 3 pair ET42LC at
$11 – – So what if they aren’t fancy underwear. These are super comfortable and don’t fall down my nearly non-existent rear when wearing maternity jeans.

Oh Baby by Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Bootcut Jeans
$64 – – These jeans fit great. They are a little stretchy and still look good when I turn up the cuff (because I’m short)

Iron Fist All Hope Abandoned Flats – Black (Vegan) –
$30 – – I love these shoes. Not much support, but they match 95% of my wardrobe and I think they are awesome
You can see the rest of the items by visiting the set.

Food aversions and junk food

The last month or so has been a bit sad when it comes to cooking and nutrition. Pregnancy nausea (because morning sickness is not a valid title when it is throughout the day) and food aversions have left me locked up in the bedroom with the door open while my husband cooks dinner – for himself.

I hesitate to call what I have been eating “cravings;” I see it more as non food aversions. It’s not that I’m craving over-processed food, it’s that these are the only foods that sound even remotely palatable and don’t make me sick to eat or think about. It is usually only  a couple items that don’t make me sick and it changes every 1-3 days.

Here are a few foods I am ashamed to even have in my house, let alone consume:

  • Graham crackers
  • Frozen waffles
  • French bread pizzas
  • Corn dogs
  • Frozen lasagna
  • White bagels with strawberry cream cheese
  • Poptarts
  • White bread dinner rolls

If you remember, I was doing the Whole30 Paleo Challenge. That lasted 2 weeks; the week before my period was due, and the week after we found out I was pregnant. At approximately 6 weeks I no longer wanted vegetables, meat,eggs or nuts. Even thinking about these foods made me sick – and that was the majority of what I was eating! My diet these last 4-5 weeks has made the Primal/Weston A Price lifestyle in me cringe! At least I have been able to eat apples, oranges and bananas!

Luckily this last week my nausea and food aversions have subsided a bit and probably will be improving even more as time goes on. Although it’s still not stellar, I was able to enjoy homemade green sauce chicken enchiladas last night for dinner and cinnamon toast for breakfast.

The other day I read Food Renegade’s old post: Pregnancy Cravings Make No sense and all the notes and it made me feel a little better.

Hopefully I will be able to nutritionally redeem myself during the second and third trimester!


Surprise! The reason for my absence

I shared a while back my struggle with infertility and my journey to try and correct any issues I may have. I wrote about the nutrition advice I received and my updated fertility plan, which is listed below:

  • I’ve started taking Optivite to help with PMS symptoms and a possible luteal phase defect (I rarely have a luteal phase at least 14 days long, and I consistently spot before my period).
  • I need to take cod liver oil again
  • I’ve started taking Evening Primrose Oil to help with pms and cervical mucus.
  • I need to see my new doctor and possibly get my thyroid check and go forward with infertility testing and treatments.

If we can’t conceive without assistance, the least I can do is limit or eliminate my pms symptoms and get healthy! It can be very frustrating to not conceive, but we are still trying to be hopeful.

Well low and behold, we finally conceived!  On September 2nd we were pleasantly shocked to have a positive pregnancy test! I had cancelled my doctor’s appointment the day before I found out I was pregnant!

Several factors may have contributed to us finally getting pregnant:

  • Diet change since March 2011 – eliminating processed foods and cutting significantly or eliminating grains and eating more animal fats
  • I was on the second cycle of Optivite
  • It was my first cycle using Evening Primrose Oil
  • Because my fertile mucus didn’t seem that abundant, we used Pre-Seed, a sperm-friendly lubricant (even though we did not have any success with it prior to this cycle).


So we are 10 weeks today and hoping for a healthy pregnancy!

at 6w5d (which coincides exactly with a drop-back temp I had 3 dpo)