Almost Thanksgiving! Plus last-minute side-dish ideas

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I still have to figure out what I will be bringing to family dinner. Homemade bread (the no-knead, no-fail kind) has been requested, but I also need to figure out a side dish and maybe a dessert.

If we weren’t already having several potato dishes, I would definitely make our favorite side dish: Sweet potato, brussel sprouts, and bacon. It is really easy to make and all the flavors taste great. There is a nice balance of sweet and salty and the brussel sprouts pair nicely with both the sweet potatoes and bacon.


I have also compiled a list of 15 healthified traditional Thanksgiving sides, which you can find HERE.

I’m looking forward to enjoying great food and company and kick-off the start of the holiday season! This year I am also even more Thankful for the blessings in my life; my son, my husband, our home, and my new job working at an elementary school library 🙂

What are you making this week? What are you thankful for this year?


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Whole30 – Week 2 of Paleo Eating

Seasoned hamburger without the bun

Breakfast: Another smoothie
Lunch: sauteed sirloin with raw spinach with oil and vinegar
Dinner: Dinner at in-laws: Osso bucco with sweet potatoes, carrots, and mashed golden cauliflower.

Breakfast: Banana Nut muffins
Lunch: Leftover steak and spinach from yesterday’s lunch
Dinner: Dinner at parents: BBQ Lemon Chicken, mixed green salad, and grilled peppers and squash

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Hamburger patty with guacamole, bacon, sweet potato chips, and salad

Breakfast: Veggie Omelet
Lunch: Tuna, peppers, and spinach salad
Dinner: Halibut with garlic green beans

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs over-easy
Lunch: Leftover fish and salad / tropical smoothie
Dinner: Tomato-beef soup and raw spinach with oil and vinegar

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with kale and tomatoes
Lunch: dinner leftovers
Dinner: Beef Stew and green salad

Breakfast: Bacon and fried eggs
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Out – Chipotle Restaurant

Snacks: Nuts, fruit, snap-peas, hard-boiled eggs, banana-nut muffins


This week has been harder than last week. I am a little tired of cooking at home and I am really craving pizza or lasagna!

My husband is losing weight fast, though. He has lost about 10 pounds in 12 days. Yes, some of that is water weight and bloat, but he is looking and feeling better.



Find other whole food recipe and healthy alternatives at Real Food Forager’s Fat Tuesday and Food Renegade Fight Back Friday!


Spicy fish and vegetables

I don’t particularly care for fish that tastes fishy. I know all the fish haters out there will understand what I mean. I’m trying to eat more fish. I’m trying to like it. For the most part, seafood is starting to grow on me. I will definitely try any fish that is presented to me and I might even like some of it.

One of the fish we buy the most is Mahi Mahi (or dolphin fish, but apparently people are less likely to eat it if it has the word “dolphin” in the title). The texture of the Mahi Mahi is pleasant; flaky but also thick and moist, and it’s not overly “fishy” but it still tastes like fish.

The other night we made Mahi Mahi and a ton of vegetables from our CSA box since they were starting to pile up! Here’s the recipe for Spicy Mahi Mahi.

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