Almost Thanksgiving! Plus last-minute side-dish ideas

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I still have to figure out what I will be bringing to family dinner. Homemade bread (the no-knead, no-fail kind) has been requested, but I also need to figure out a side dish and maybe a dessert.

If we weren’t already having several potato dishes, I would definitely make our favorite side dish: Sweet potato, brussel sprouts, and bacon. It is really easy to make and all the flavors taste great. There is a nice balance of sweet and salty and the brussel sprouts pair nicely with both the sweet potatoes and bacon.


I have also compiled a list of 15 healthified traditional Thanksgiving sides, which you can find HERE.

I’m looking forward to enjoying great food and company and kick-off the start of the holiday season! This year I am also even more Thankful for the blessings in my life; my son, my husband, our home, and my new job working at an elementary school library 🙂

What are you making this week? What are you thankful for this year?


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Thanksgiving Sides with a Twist

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I haven’t figured out what I will be making. I also figured I should probably do a Thanksgiving post before I continue on about Christmas (which I am very excited about). Here are some recipes I found online that put a little bit of a twist on the classics.
Sweet Potatoes/yams:

Cranberry Sauce:

Vegetable Side Dishes (with seasonal produce)


What are you making?









Feeling Conflicted: Baking for the Holidays

I love to bake. I love to use my creativity decorating cookies and cakes and making delicious sweets for everyone to enjoy. However, I also think we would all do better if we eliminated sugar and processed grains from our diet. Thus, my desire to bake and my desire to share the health are at odds with each other. I know I can bake healthy goodies – these usually require fruit sweetened with honey and maple syrup served with ice cream sweetened with the same, or a grain-free crust (those berry cheese tarts were delicious). These desserts, while still yummy and satisfying, are not quite the same as baking a batch of Christmas sugar cookies or a fresh loaf of bread.

For Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, I’ve been asked to bake bread. I’m going to bake bread and I will enjoy eating it, but I can’t help feel a tinge bit guilty. I don’t live a completely grain or gluten-free life (especially now in this stage of pregnancy where all I want is grains, fruit, and juice) so it’s not like I don’t have my own cheats here and there.

For Christmas, should I bake those holiday goodies for everyone? I would like to, but I still have that guilt that I am feeding people things that are unhealthy for them!

Does anyone else have the same problem?