Labor Day deals

Lots of sales going on this weekend, especially from our Affiliates. Why Affiliates? I have hand-picked several companies that I enjoy and shop at to promote, and in turn, if you purchase something because of the link I shared, they share a small amount (usually about 2-5%) of that amount with me. It helps keep this blog up and running. My first priority is not to blog about Affiliates every day, but here and there when appropriate. So if you were planning on purchasing something from one of these businesses, then I appreciate you going there because of a link I shared 😉

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

And the winner goes to Jess! Thanks for all who participated – new contest coming up tomorrow!

Jess- email me (theliefoflulubelle(at) your address and email so Elk River Naturals can send you the prize!

Today’s post comes from Jamie Quin, the owner of Elk River Naturals. I am pleased to have her stop by my blog AND offer a great giveaway!

If you are anything like me, the holiday season brings a confusing mix of feelings somewhere between pure joy and self loathing guilt. This is surely a time when one should reflect on family, life and love and whatever this season means to you personally, but is it wrong that I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty about the waste that comes along with this season? During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 25% more waste is produced than at any other time of the year. Millions of pounds of wrapping paper, bows, cards, boxes, junk mail and other items ultimately end up in landfills. Christmas can not only take a toll on a person – with gift buying pressure, money worries, navigating through traffic and crowding looking for that perfect gift – but it also takes a toll on the environment. In order to make yourself and those on your Christmas list happy this season, look over these creative examples of how to gift, decorate and dispose green!

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Sunday Afternoon Dress

The other day I found this cute blue and turquoise fabric on clearance and I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it. I have this vintage dress that I love and it seemed simple to replicate – it’s really just a square with some sleeves and a collar.

I’m not a sewing expert, but I know that sometimes a little bit of direction makes sewing a little easier. I tried to include everything, so hopefully this will help! I used a thin, non-stretch cotton material for this dress. You could use an old sheet, cotton fabric, or a non-stretch synthetic material as well. The thinner the better because you need it to drape. Too thick and it will look unflattering.

You can include an elastic casing or just cinch it with a belt like I did! No zippers or button-holes required. I imagine this dress would be easy to make into maternity wear as well.

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Quick and easy retro hairstyle

The internet can be a wonderful thing. Whenever you want to learn how to do something all you have to do is open up your computer and type in your search. One day I was browsing rockabilly and vintage hairstyles on YouTube and came across a great tutorial for how to do faux victory rolls. This hairstyle is often my go-to do and works great for next-day hair. Unfortunately, I went to look for it and I can not find it! I couldn’t find anything like it on YouTube, so perhaps it doesn’t exist, or I am just not looking for it correctly.

I know it’s not as fantastic as a video, but here is how to do a fake victory-roll inspired hair-do via pictures and instructions: (please forgive the awkward photos and facial expressions)

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For the ladies: alternatives to disposable menstrual products

I use to spend a lot of time on Craftster. I would go through pages and pages of sewing tutorials, decor revamps, and clothing reconstructions. One day I came across a highly popular sewing project on cotton menstrual pads. Currently there is 70+ pages of comments. When I first read the post I thought it was pretty innovative. Never in my small world had I even considered any alternatives to the norm. Everyone else I told thought it was gross, but the idea still stuck with me. I felt I couldn’t do them myself though, because I was in college and my roommates probably wouldn’t appreciate me soaking them in the sink.

After I got married I finally revisited the idea of cloth pads. I’ve been making and wearing my own cloth pads for some time now and I would never go back.

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Pretty and Edible

A beautiful vegetable bouquet from Joy Ever After

Sometimes I find myself spending mass amounts of time looking at pretty things online: Pretty parties, pretty stationary, pretty clothes. I love looking at blogs that style parties or design blogs. I found this bouquet from Joy Ever After. What a perfect bouquet for a garden party!

How to Make a Hair Flower or Brooch Clip

Here I use two small flowers

I wear a lot of hair flowers. I also see a lot of them on sale for outrageous amounts; that’s why I make my own. You can too! Never buy a hair flower again – make your own hair flowers that can double as a brooch! It’s easy, inexpensive, and has endless varieties.


Silk or fabric flowers (a flat flower works best, such as daisies or orchids)
Alligator Brooch Clips
Hot glue gun
Fabric or felt scraps
Pliers or metal cutters (to trim flowers)

Find flowers that are fairly flat and the size you want


Remove flower from stems and cut as close to flower as possible – you want the flower to have as flat of a back as possible. You may have to glue some flower layers back together.

Depending on how flat the flower is, you may or may not need to use a pad under the clip. If needed, glue a piece of fabric or felt the same size or slightly bigger than the clip where you will glue the clip onto.

If you use fabric, the cloth may fray with use. Felt is a better option if you have any.

Glue the clip to the back of flower

Or you can glue the clip straight to the flower

And after it dries – congrats! You have your own hair flower/brooch! Wear in your hair, pin to your sweater or bag!

Add feathers under the petals, use vintage flowers, add or remove different petal layers from different flowers, or put a cab into the center of the flower for more variety.

How to wear hair flowers:

I like to wear the flowers either with my hair half up and the flower to the side (as pictured above), behind the ear when my hair is down (like my avatar photo), or to the side of my “poof” as shown below. If you are wearing a low pony tail, you can also clip the flower on the side of the ponytail (wearing a low side ponytail looks cute this way). If you want more ideas for flower and how to wear them, you can just do a search on Etsy, and see how other people are making and wearing them.

Fabric flower with feathers, worn to the side of a "poof" (and not a very good poof on that day)


Natural and Healthy Moisturizer

In my search for eliminating toxins and chemicals out of our food, home, and bath products I found something that works better than any store-bought moisturizer I have ever tried. I was hesitant to try at first; I was leery of the texture it would leave on my skin and afraid it would make my skin breakout. The verdict? I will never go back to the moisturizers I tried before! What do I use now?

Safe, simple, and effective

I use organic extra virgin coconut oil. I use it on my face and body – and while I cook. You can even add it to your shampoo or use it as a hair mask. It goes on like oil but it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy feeling on your skin (unlike some lotions and facial moisturizers). The coconut oil pictured above – Aunt Patty’s, also has a very light coconut scent which I find quite pleasant. My skin has lovely glow, I don’t breakout, and I no longer have some dry spots.

This is my favorite moisturizer. Better yet, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals!

A jar costs about $8-12 – very comparable to any moisturizer you will find in the stores.