My New Favorite Gift: Flash Bounce

My home is dark, as with many homes. I don’t have an expensive lens that lets in a ton of light, so unless my subject is completely still and I am completely still, pictures don’t always turn out great (and I hate using flash). But my problem is solved! My wonderful husband bought me a Pop-up Flash Bounce from PhotoJoJo (awesome site).

Here it is in action (excuse the grainy photo, it was taken with my cell phone in my dark kitchen):

But even better, here is the before and after pics!

With flash, and with the flash bounce. The effect is minimized by my cropping out the unfortunate candid photos of my brother, but you can still see the improvement!

I have seen a DIY version of the Flash-Bounce via Pinterest, but I haven’t tried it. It looks pretty easy to rig though!

Rig a piece of white card stock in front of your flash (my camera doesn't have those convienant hooks)


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