Washable Fleece Dusting Mitt

Today I was in productive clean mode (yes, the Christmas tree and the decorations came down!). While I hate cleaning them, I noticed our blinds were a little too dusty to leave alone and they can be such a pain to clean too! I then remembered something I had seen online; fleece dusters. I was thinking of this:

From Dollar Store Crafts

However, in the midst of my cleaning storm, I did not consult the interwebs and developed my own dusting friend with the inspiration of the above photo; a washable fleece dusting mitt!

Two scraps of fleece, sewn on 3 sides, then cut in strips - super easy!

If the picture isn’t explanation enough, here are the instructions:

  1. Take two pieces of fleece, bigger than your hand
  2. Sew on 3 sides (leaving the bottom open) enough room to fit your hand inside
  3. Cut the sides (do not cut into the seams) into strips, rounding the corners if you would like
  4. Get to dusting!

This mitt worked fabulous for picking up dust off those pesky blinds! You can wear it on any side – the smooth or the strip side. Plus, with the fleece on your hand instead of another tool, you have much more control around those small corners and edges. Then when you are done, throw it in the wash! I won’t post the after pictures because the amount of dust I picked up was a bit scary!


I found an even better use than using your mitt for cleaning blinds: Cleaning a ceiling fan!

I coaxed my husband the other day to finally dust the darn thing and since my mitt was dirty, I whipped up another one in about 2 minutes. He sprayed one side with cleaner, and kept the other side dry (double duty) and it worked great! The dust clumps didn’t fall off and fly everywhere which is what happened the last time we cleaned our fan.

Best 2 minute, minimal sewing, super cheap, craft cleaning product I have made so far!


15 thoughts on “Washable Fleece Dusting Mitt

  1. I wonder if you sew more strips of fleece on the bottom piece before you sew them together would make dusting better. What do you think? I hope you have a Happy New Year.

    • It wouldn’t be too hard- I was thinking of sewing a strip down the middle before sewing it together, but the way I have it now, I’m content with 🙂 you can dust with the flat part of the ruffle sides.

  2. Very nicely done:)) and the after picture would have been a great visual for your success with the handmade fleece duster. I think am gonna try it too, shall comment on how it went:)

      • I’ve never tried to wet it on floor, but I could see how it may not work too well, since fleece naturally wicks away moisture. I think it being wet for the ceiling fan would be better since it was only wet enough to keep the dust from flying everywhere. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Lulu,
    Nice idea and definitely more adventurous than mine.
    I just use the rectangular strips of fleece without the need for sewing.
    cut them 1 inch larger (on all sides) than the cleaning area surface of the tool.
    Most of these sweepers have spots on the 4 corners where you can tuck in
    the corners of the fleece *since fleece won’t unravel…sewing is overkill*.
    I like to use a creamy color to see just how dirty the floor it and to make sure
    I’m getting the floors truly clean. ;-D
    But dark colors will look cleaner longer.

    • I don’t think I have bought swiffer refills for the same reason! I usually just tuck a rag in the little slots. I don’t dust with my swiffer though, so that’s why I made the mitten… I like to dust a little more “hands on.” If I had a wood floors I would probably do the same thing as you!

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